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24 Tháng mười 2018
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[TẶNG BẠN] TRỌN BỘ Bí kíp học tốt 08 môn
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ĐĂNG BÀI NGAY để cùng trao đổi với các thành viên siêu nhiệt tình & dễ thương trên diễn đàn.

A. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:
1. A. carol B. habit C. graze D. match
2. A. sound B. southern C. drought D. mountain
3. A. headache B. character C. stomach D. challenging
4. A. ploughs B. contacts C. stops D. talks
5. A. faced B. wicked C. fixed D. wrapped
B. Choose the word that has the stress pattern different from the others:
6. A. deposit B. festival C. institute D. resident
7. A. activity B. electricity C. simplicity D. pollution
8. A. achievement B. experiment C. explanation D. discovery
9. A. surprising B. astonishing C. amazing D. interesting
10. A. interview B. industry C. essential D. difficult
Choose the word or phrase that best fits each of the blank spaces:
1. Milk bottles can be _____________________after being cleaned.
A. recycled B. reused C. broken D. reduced
2. It was raining heavily __________________we arrived home.
A. while B. until C. because D. when
3. She asked me ____________________I liked eating chocolates.
A. if B. and C. that D. but
4. You look _____________________than last year.
A. much tall B. more tall C. much taller D. more taller
5. What ____________________advice she gave us !
A. so good B. such good C. a good D. good
6. My dog as well as my cats ____________________twice a day.
A. eat B. eats C. has eaten D. have eaten
7. When I came into the class, I realized I knew ______________________.
A. them all B. all them C. they all D. all of they
8. Do it right now, ___________________ ?
A. do you B. aren’t you C. will you D. don’t you
9. We ____________________for her for ten minutes.
A. wait B. waited C. are waiting D. have been waiting
10. His father is not interested in tennis and ____________________.
A. he doesn’t, either B. so doesn’t he
C. neither does he D. neither is he
11. The little girl wasted half an hour ___________________for her picture book.
A. look B. looking C. to look D. looked
12. ____________________does it take you to do the washing ?
A. How fast B. What time C. How long D. How often
13. Your hair is long. Are you going to _____________________ ?
A. have it cut B. have cut it C. be cutting it D. have it cutting
14. Would you like tea or coffee? – I ____________________drink tea than coffee.
A. would like B. would prefer C. would rather D. would wish
15. It is high time you ______________________more attentive in class.
A. are B. were C. must be D. have been
16. He was _____________________that we turned off the TV set immediately.
A. so bad singer B. such bad singer C. such bad a singer D. so bad a singer
17. I wish you _______________________that! It’s really annoying habit.
A. won’t do B. couldn’t do C. wouldn’t do D. don’t do
18. “I’m sorry about that!” – “______________________!”
A. That’s right B. Of course C. It’s OK D. You’re welcome
19. Not until 2008 ______________________across the river.
A. the first bridge was built B. the first building of a bridge was
C. built the first bridge D. was the first bridge built
20. Excuse me! I’m learning my lesson. ______________________turning down
your stereo a bit ?
A. Would you please B. Would you mind
C. Could you D. Would you like
Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition:
It’s very difficult to find work _____________________the moment.
This service is free _____________________charge.
In many ways you take _____________________your mother.
This computer is still _____________________guarantee.
Money is not essential _____________________happiness.
She is ______________________far the best teacher I have ever had.
Parents are naturally anxious ______________________their children.
I’m sure you will succeed ______________________this entrance test.
We try to prevent people _____________________littering.
I’m going to complain to the principal ____________________this.
IV. WORD FORM: (10pts)
Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word in parentheses:
He treated them with ______________________. (generous)
How many ________________________entered the race ? (compete)
If you are _______________________with our service, please write to the manager. (satisfy)
4. He drives so _______________________that he often has accidents. (care)
Flowers are often _______________________by bees as they gather nectar. (fertile)
I think these thin clothes are _______________________for cold weather. (suit)
The computer is one of the most marvelous _____________________in our modern age. (invent)
8. She is always worried about her children’s _____________________. (safe)
9. He was kept in the hospital overnight as a ____________________measure. (precaution)
10. Housework has _________________________been regarded as women’s work. (tradition)
Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:
1. Would you like me helping you with your homework ?
2. Meat must keep in a refrigerator or it will spoil.
3. There is a cat sitting in the middle to the road.
4. Tom is always forget his keys and that really annoys me.
5. She spends her free time to visit galleries and museums.
6. Our teacher told that the sun always rises in the east.
7. She had the gardener to plant some trees.
8. Come up to my place and we will discuss it.
9. He has repeated urged the government to do something about this.
10. I have to fetch the kids at school at 4 o’clock.
VI. Choose the best option to fill in each of the blanks to make a meaningful passage: (10pts)
Computers (1)____________________an important part in our life nowadays. It’s (2)___________________to carry on our work without computers. For example, (3)___________________are necessary in a university library. All the (4)___________________normally found in a library is now (5)___________________in computers. This is very (6)____________________for students because they can (7)___________________messages and receive information (8)____________________ having to leave their computers. Access (9)____________________a computer has now (10)__________________students’ need.
1. A. do B. make C. have D. play
2. A. easy B. difficult C. exciting D. important
3. A. books B. things C. computers D. messages
4. A. information B. work C. life D. event
5. A. kept B. stored C. put D. made
6. A. difficult B. comfortable C. suitable D. convenient
7. A. receive B. send C. give D. write
8. A. and B. but C. without D. not
9. A. to B. in C. of D. with
10. A. became B. becomes C. becoming D. become
VII. Complete the passage with ONE suitable word in each space : (10pts)
The first Olympic Games were in Greece in 776 BC. (1)___________________ was only one event. People ran a race the length of the (2)__________________. The Games (3)___________________one day.
Slowly people added more (4)____________________. The Games were only for (5)___________________. And women could not even watch them. Only Greeks (6)___________________. They came (7)____________________all parts of the Greek world. The time of the Games was a time of peace, and the government (8)__________________everyone travel safely. Kings competed (9)__________________ common people. The winners became (10)___________________heroes.
Rewrite the sentences so that they mean almost the same as those printed before them:
1. She speaks English well.
She is a __________________________________________________________
2. I haven’t seen them for a long time.
It’s ______________________________________________________________
3. Mai is better at English than Lan.
Lan doesn’t _______________________________________________________
4. Why don’t you ask her yourself ?
I suggest _________________________________________________________
5. We left quietly so that we wouldn’t disturb the children.
So as_____________________________________________________________
6. What a pity I don’t have a laptop.
I wish ___________________________________________________________
7. You shouldn’t touch that switch.
If I ______________________________________________________________
8. The furniture was too old to keep.
It was ____________________________________________________________
9. People say football is the best game to play.
Football __________________________________________________________
10. “Can you do me a favor ?” she said to me.
She ______________________________________________________________
A. 1. C. graze B. 6. A. deposit
2. B. southern 7. B. electricity
3. C. challenging 8. C. explanation
4. A. ploughs 9. D. interesting
5. B. wicked 10. C. essential
1. B. reused 11. B. looking
2. D. when 12. C. How long
3. A. if 13. A. have it cut
4. C. much taller 14. C. would rather
5. D. good 15. B. were
6. B. eats 16. D. so bad a singer
7. A. them all 17. C. wouldn’t do
8. C. will you 18. C. It’s OK
9. D. have been waiting 19. D. was the first bridge built
10. D. neither is he 20. B. Would you mind
1. at 6. by
2. of 7. for
3. after 8. in
4. under 9. from
5. to 10. about
WORD FORM (10pts)
1. generosity 6. unsuitable
2. competitors 7. inventions
3. dissatisfied 8. safety
4. carelessly 9. precautionary
5. fertilized 10. traditionally
1. C (to help) 6. A (said)
2. A (be kept) 7. C (plant)
3. D (of) 8. A (over)
4. B (forgetting) 9. A (repeatedly)
5. C (visiting) 10. C (from)
1. D. play 6. D. convenient
2. B. difficult 7. B. send
3. C. computers 8. C. without
4. A. information 9. A. to
5. B. stored 10. D. become
1. There 6. competed
2. stadium 7. from
3. lasted 8. let
4. events 9. with
5. men 10. national
He is a good speaker of English.
It’s a long time since I saw them.
Lan doesn’t study English as/so well as Mai.
I suggest that you should ask her yourself.
So as not to disturb the children, we left quietly.
I wish I had a laptop.
If I were you, I wouldn’t touch that switch.
It was such old furniture that we couldn’t keep it.
Football is said to be the best game to play.
She asked/told me to do her a favor.
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