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    Đà Nẵng
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    THCS Quang Trung

    There are many difference between the life in city and country. Someone tell me he liked the life in country because he wanted to ẹnoy the fresh air, natural sence and people in country was very nice, friendly. Do you live in country, and what do you feel about it? please tell me anything you think. I like to live in city although it is noisy and polutted air, traffic jam and some thing else but I love it. I love business, active and friendly people. I think everyone all has one thought, We canot talk that our thoughts are right. I hope you will find where you really want to live in. Have a nice day.
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  3. Minh Nhí

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    The country and the city have advantages and disadvantages. People in the country live in more beautiful environment. They enjoy peace and quiet, and can do their work at their own pace because no one is in a hurry. They live in large, more comfortable houses, and their neighbors are more friendly, and ready to hilp them when they need it. Their life can be monotonous and thay can be isolated a long way from the nearest town, which is a serious problem if they are ill ro have to take children to school.
    The city has all the services the country lacks, but it also has a lot of disadvantages. Cities are often ugly and polluted; they not only have bad air bad but are also noise.
    For my part, no matter how comfortable or convenient the city life may be, I till prefer living in the country. I think it is heathier and more peaceful to live a countryside than in the city.
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  4. Nguyễn Võ Hà Trang

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    Hà Tĩnh
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    sai chính tả nha bạn
    sai chính tả nha bạn
    in the city
    câu này hơi kì, phía trước là l like it, phía sau vẫn I love it, như thế là trùng ý trong 1 câu
    thêm nữa, although và but không thể đi liền nhau trong 1 câu
    cuối cùng, giữa cái ý it is noisy và poluted air, traffic jam and something else không hề liên kết về cả hình thức lẫn nội dung.
    It thay thế cho từ nào vậy anh?
    the đúng hơn phải không anh?
    câu này hình như hơi sai sai phải không anh?
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    Bắc Ninh
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    Life in the countryside is quite different from that in the city. First, it is the atmosphere that differentiates the two living environments. In the countryside, the air and water are much fresher and safer, thus living there is totally comfortable and beneficial for our health. In contrast, people who live in big cities suffer from health problems and diseases related to poor air quality and sources of polluted water. Second, prices and costs of living are cheaper in the countryside than in big cities. Vegetables, fruits and meats are home-grown and home-produced. However, in cities, people have to go shopping for them. Third, the interpersional relationships are more harmonious and friendlier. Those who live in the same village, especially neighbours, for example, know each other very well. There is a close-knit cooperation between people in working and many other daily activities. On the contrary, negatively speaking, city people only live and know their own business. They hardly care about who their neighbours are and what they do. Sending a helping hand, as a result, is never seen among city people. In conclusion, although the city life holds many advantages that make life more convenient, I always prefer living in the countryside where the environment is nice, the costs of living is affordable, and the intimate relationships among people are really meaningful. Personally, If I had a choice between a villa in the city and a small house with garden surrounding, the latter would seem better to me.

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    Đắk Lắk
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    THCS Hòa Đông

    Nowadays, people are free to choose places where they love to work most, live most. However, there are usually two main kinds of place, cities and countryside. Though they all are in which people and their family inhabit, each of them has their own things, and there is huge differences between city life and countryside life.
    To begin with, consider city life. Industries and services in cities are developing rapidly. The more cities develop, the more it has many opportunities of working and studying to integrate and perfect yourself as well as the better material and technical conditions are. As a result, cities attract the huge number of people to come there to settle. That population increases very fast and become more crowded leads lots of contrary consequences. Even though it gives motivation for cities in progress, it bring bad effects and difficulties for cities and people’s life there. First of all, it makes cities become busier, noisier and more cramped; dust appears more too. In addition, states of traffic jams also happen more. The speed of cities’ growth get people there keep the race of developing constantly and positively; most of them always are at work and have no time to contact with others surrounding them. Therefore, I think that, life in cities is very boring and solitary due to its situation and high living standard. The cities are only suitable for who want to be mature and get many choices and chances.
    Countryside is the most wonderful place which intends for who love peaceful and quiet life to settle down. Countryside has fewer possibilities of developing yourself as well as fewer jobs for people. Living in the countryside with low living standard and not good conditions, people meet many difficulties in updating information and looking for great opportunities, so it is hard for them to become excellent. Although countryside has no excitement like cities, it has pure and fresh atmosphere which is compatible with the old and who do not love to live with squeezing through the crowd. There, people are less; smog is less; traffic jams is less; furthermore, the life flows more slowly. This is a marvelous and worthy life. Because people are busy with their life much, they have time to be in contact with their neighbors and become friendlier.
    In conclusion, there are a lot of oppositions between city life and countryside life notwithstanding their small similarity. Living in the cities or in the countryside which has own advantages and disadvantages is based on each person’s interest and character.

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    If you are asked a question which want you to choose between country life and city life, will you reply it ? As for me, both country life and city life have advantages and disadvantages because of the following reasons: Firstly, we'll tell about the life in country. In the country side, you will live in peaceful atmosphere, fresh air without pollution, clean vegetables, and so on . For example, when you live in country life, you won't be disturbed by noise from many kinds of transports. Addition, the air is very good for your health and Specially, people in the countryside are very friendly, helpful and hospitable.. Beside, living in the countryside also has disadvantages. That is boring and the shortage of living condition. And what about city life? Is it the same as the country life? Living in the city has many benefits such as: good living condition, life is full of color, busy and entertainment . If you live in the city, you can go to the cinema, the zoo, the circus, etc for relaxing after working hard. That's the difficulty when you live in countryside. The city has many schools, hospitals, factories, etc. It's very essential for us. On the other hand, pollution is the most serious problem which have to be solve in city. Air pollution, land pollution and a lot of kinds other poluttion are impacting bad influences to our health. We must improve it . In conclusion, both living in the city or country also advantages and disadvantages . ...
    P/s: >< Mình viết không được hay , chỉ góp ý kiến thôi . Have a nice day !!!
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    Nghệ An

    Living in the country is something that people from the city often dream about. However, in reality, it has both its advantages and disadvantages.
    There are certainly many advantages to living in the country. First of all, you can enjoy peace and quiet. Moreover, people tend to be friendlier and more open. A further advantage is that there is less traffic, so it is safer for young children.
    However, there are certain drawbacks to life outside the city. Firstly , because there are fewer people, you are likely to have fewer friends. In addition, entertainment is difficult to find, particularly in the evening. Furthermore, the fact that there are fewer shops and services means that it is harder to find work. As a result , you may have to travel a long way to work, which can be extremely expensive.
    In conclusion, it can be seen that the country is more suitable for some people than others.On the whole , it is often the best place for those who are retired or who have young children. In contrast , young, single people who have a career are better provided for in the city...
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