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Cựu Mod Anh |GOLDEN Challenge’s first runner-up
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TV ấn tượng nhất 2017
24 Tháng ba 2017
Vĩnh Long
Đại học Đồng Tháp - Ngành Sư phạm Tiếng Anh
View attachment 130719 mọi người giúp em từ câu 11 tới câu 25 nhé!!!
11. Someone has made all the arrangements.
12. When did they manufactured this radio?
13. I couldn't find them anywhere.
14. Do they teach mathematics in this school?
15. Fortunately the accident didn't damage the machinery.
16. Please wait here while they are examining your luggage.
17. How do they make candles?
18. For a long time they believed the earth to be flat.
19. Did your teacher teach you how to apply this theory?
20. They said that apples are good for our health.
21. Don't let the children teased the dog.
22. Red is believed to be the symbol of luck.
23. What have they done to help the poor in this city?
24. Someone must have stolen the jewelry while she was out.
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Cựu TMod Tiếng Anh
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9 Tháng năm 2019
Hà Tĩnh
THCS Xuân Diệu
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