English 11 Chữa lỗi sai + điền từ.

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    M.n giúp e vs ạ, kèm giải thích chi tiết :(

    Exercise 5. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

    Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, c, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

    67. The president of the company officially apologised to the local residents having dumped a large amount of raw sewage in the area.
    A. About B. with C. at D. for
    68. The factory was accused __________ having caused higher level of pollution
    to the environment.
    A. About B. on C. of D. for
    69. We all admire him _________ having changed both his attitude and behaviours towards the environmental issues.
    A. About B. for C. with D. at
    70. Human activities are also blamed ___________ having contributed to global
    A. For B. on C. at D. with
    71. We congratulated him _________ having invented an energy-saving device.
    A. For B. at C. about D. on
    72. He was criticised_________ not having put the elephant poachers in jail.
    A. At B. about C. for D. on
    73. His company was punished ____________ not having dumped the rubbish
    A. By B. for C. about D. because of
    74. The city mayor praised all voluntary students ____________ having cleaned the
    playgrounds for the children.
    A. For B. because of C. at D. due to
    75. He thanked us__________ having contributed to cleaning the surrounding
    A. On B. to C. with D. for
    76. He was suspected ___________ having received presents from the local
    companies and ignored their violations of the environmental law.
    A. About B. on C. of D. for
    77. Even when arrested, he denied __________ cut down that tree.
    A. Has B. having C. have D. have had
    78. Those farmers admitted ___________having used more chemical fertilisers than
    A. On B. about C. for D. to
    79. He forgot ________ promised to cut down on the carbon dioxide emissions
    into the atmosphere.
    A. To promise B. have C. having D. had
    80. I remembered hạving __________ off the lights before leaving home.
    A. Switched B. switch C. switching D. switches
    81. He regretted not__________ registered for military Service last spring.
    A. Have B. having C. having had D. having done
    82. The local residents suspected the autborities __________ having kept the
    pollution level secret from the local people.
    A. About B. on C. of D. for
    83. He denied having polluted the environment,________ no one believed him.
    A. However B. despite C. but D. in spite of
    84. Thank you for having________ the information about global warming.
    A. Shared B. sharing C. share D. shares
    85. He regretted __________ killed and eaten several rare species.
    A. To have B. having C. have D. has
    86. His company was ílned ___________ dumped tons of toxic waste near the
    residential area.
    A. To have B. because of having
    C. Forhaving D. of having
    87. These students were rewarded ____________ actively taken part in voluntary
    A. With B. bef0re C. on having D. for having
    88. She was praised___________ donated a lot of money to the wildlife protection
    A. For having B. to have
    C. Because of having D. due to having
    89. I remember _________ advised you to stop hunting endangered animals.
    A. To have B. having C. have D. had
    90. The local authorities were blamed ______ignored the pollution issues in the area
    A. About having B. on having C. for having D. before having
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    THPT ...

    86. fined bn ạ. đáp án mk có hết rui bn, bn có thể jup mk giải thích chúng đc không?
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