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    I/Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.
    It all started just six years ago with Birds. Since then, Eyewitness Guides have become a
    publishing sensation - 50 subjects (1)___, 40 countries conquered, 15 million copies sold. But the
    success of Eyewitness Guides cannot be (2)___ in statistics alone, (3)______ these high-quality
    reference books have established a (4)______ original way of presenting information.
    We live in an age of television, video and interactive computing, in which children are
    (5)_____ at absorbing data from images at a glance. (6)_____ this makes them respond
    favourably to visual learning, the disadvantage is that they sometimes lack confidence with words.
    So, what the Eyewitness Guides have done is to combine the two elements, words and pictures,
    (7)_____ them as just one thing - entertainment.
    One of the main reasons (8)______ the books'; success is the discovery that, against a white
    background, even the most (9)______ objects can look wonderful. Often a single photographic
    image will take (10)_____ an entire double-page spread, grabbing your (11)_____. Whatever the
    image, you'll always find the text (12)_____ alongside, building your understanding of the subject.
    Eyewitness Guides are the (13)___ of a unique approach, in which photographs, models,
    maps and diagrams are specially produced. Everything is done to make (14)____ that they
    compete with the impact of television images. But these books have one (15)_____ advantage -
    children can return to them again and again, finding something fresh to read every time.
    1.A. dealt B. fulfilled C. covered D. managed
    2.A.scored B. valued C. numbered D. measured
    3.A. for B. out of C. due to D. from
    4.A. fully B. completely C. considerably D. widely
    5.A. capable B. powerful C. effective D. skilled
    6.A. In contrast B. While C. Even so D. Despite
    7.A. conducting B. treating C. operating D. applying
    8.A. under B. behind C. beneath D. below
    9.A. accustomed B. habitual C. repeated. D familiar
    10.A. up B. in C. to D. on
    11.A. fascination B. involvement C. attraction D. attention
    12.A. quite B. nearby C. right
    13.A. outcome B. production C. formation D. effect
    14.A. certain B. definite C. firm D. guaranteed
    15.A. high B. large C. major D grand
    II/He suggested that council tenants must be allowed to buy their houses.
    Trong những chỗ in đậm chỗ nào là chỗ sai và sửa ntn ?
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    Bình Phước
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    I. 1. C 2. D 3. A 4. B 5.D
    6. B 7. B 8. B 9. D 10. A
    11. D 12. C 13. A 14. A 15. C
    II. must---> should

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