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Cute Boy

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28 Tháng một 2018
Tuyên Quang
THCS Chết nhiêu lần


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24 Tháng tám 2021
Hà Nội
My ideal city in the future would be a place where people are connected and live in harmony. It would have a strong sense of community and be powered by clean energy sources such as solar and wind. There would be plenty of green spaces for people to enjoy, with parks, gardens, and other public spaces for recreation. The city would also have a vibrant culture with art galleries, museums, theatres, music venues, and other cultural attractions. Public transportation would be efficient and reliable so that everyone could get around easily. Education opportunities would abound, with excellent schools and universities providing knowledge to all citizens regardless of their backgrounds or economic status. Finally, the city would be safe with effective law enforcement that respects the rights of all citizens.
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