Ngoại ngữ [Bài luận] My neighbourhood and my best friend

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  2. Minh Nhí

    Minh Nhí Cựu Phó nhóm Tiếng Anh Thành viên Trưởng nhóm xuất sắc nhất 2017

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    I usually make friends easily, so I have a lot of friends – schoolmates, neighbours, relatives. I can’t imagine my life without them. But there is one, who will always be in the first place in my heart. Her name is Anna and she is my closest friend.
    Anna is a very beautiful and charming girl and always attracts males’ attention. She is taller than me and has straight brown hair and deep chestnut brown eyes. Like most teenagers she pays a lot of attention to her appearance and likes dressing in the latest and most extravagant fashion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a T- shirt or jeans.
    By nature Anna is communicative and outgoing and the thing she likes best is being the centre of attention. Her biggest dream is to become a singer and I truly believe that one day she’ll make her wish come true. Anna has won many prizes and has taken part in many concerts, because she sings really incredibly.
    As a normal human being, however, Anna also has her shortcomings. She never goes on time to her dates. Sometimes she is absent-minded and inconsiderate and that makes people think she never takes things seriously. But this is not true. She has a strong sense of responsibility and you can always rely on her.
    Another characteristic she has is that she’s gregarious, sensitive and emotional. She also gets confused easily and doesn’t forget those who have caused her harm.
    The thing I admire most about Anna is that she is protective and likes to look after people. Believe it or not, once she ever saved my life! I’ll never forget that day. We went swimming in a pool. Suddenly, my left leg went dead I couldn’t go on swimming. I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes I found myself lying and Anna holding my hands. She, herself had pulled me out of the water. That was a real narrow escape from the death, and if she weren’t there, I would have drowned.
    For me, friendship is the most important thing in the world. I am proud to say that I have such loyal and helpful friend – one in a million.
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  3. tùng đẹp zai

    tùng đẹp zai Banned Banned Thành viên

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    Trường THCS Mỹ Tân

    My neighborhood is in country. It is not very big but it is very beautiful. But my house is big and very beautiful. It is near my school so i walk to school everyday. In my neighborhood, there is a market, a hospital, a stadium. And there is a primary school and a secondary school. Here, the people are kind and friendly. In the morning, the students go to the school and the farmers go to the farms. Everybody goes home at 5.30 p.m. They have dinner at 7 p.m. The students do their homework and old people do housework or watch TV. I am very happy to talk to you that the air is fresh in my neighborhood. I like living here.

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  4. Nấm còi

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    Bắc Giang
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    Trung học Cơ sở Yên Mỹ

    My neighborhood is in Lang Giang. There is a beautiful park near my house. It's great for outdoor activities. There's almost everything I need here: shops, restaurants, markets... The air is fresh and unpolluted. People are kind and friendly. The food is very delicious and cheap. However, there is something I dislike about it. The weather is too cold in winner. The streets are becoming busier and more crowded. In short, I like living there very much.

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