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  1. nowtrymybest

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    Money!Money!Money! All of us know it.We see and use money everyday. But have you ever concerned about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of money? Have you ever discussed this problem?

    Firstly, we can't deny the value of money. If we don't have money, we can't buy clothes, food,goods or anything else that we need. Without money, we can't also go to the cinemas, theaters or other amusement places. Money is used to good purposes such as building museums, temples, churches, schools; helping the poor or orphans and so on. Moreover, many students can be helped by providing them with scholarships in furthering their studies. The more rapidly our life develops, the more money we need. Money is considered to be ''the instrument of modern life''.

    However, money brings us not only the advantages but the disadvantages as well. Many young people whose parents are rich
    neglect their study, play truant and spend money on useless things.
    Besides, the rich sometimes depends on his wealth and oppress the poor. Furthermore, the materialistic outlook has seriously influenced education. Especially, money could change human nature and social instability.

    In conclusion, nowadays, we can't live without money.But ''How do we use it?'' and ''for what?'' are also big problems. Using money on right purposes can make our life become better.

    Các bạn check dùm mình bài này nha,có chỗ nào sai hay có luận điểm,ý gì cần bổ sung thì góp ý cho mình với^^
    Thanks nhìu!
  2. tranthuha93

    tranthuha93 Guest

    bn viết khá dc đó, t có 1 chỗ thấy cần sửa là oke:)>-:)>-
  3. nowtrymybest

    nowtrymybest Guest

    thanks chị nhiều ^^
    bài viết này có cần thêm ý gì nữa không ạ,em thấy cứ thiếu thiếu sao ấy :(
    cái phần advantage với disadvantage có cần thêm ji nữa k ạ?
  4. tranthuha93

    tranthuha93 Guest

    :D nói chung là oke ( theo ý t) nếu là h/s viết đoạn văn chủ yếu rèn luyện kĩ năng viết, vận dụng cấu trúc hay và việc nhớ các từ mới , còn nếu với ng đi làm thì lại quan tâm hơn về nội dung nữa
  5. a_fumble_311

    a_fumble_311 Guest

    wirte a paragraph about Hnoi in the year of one thousand - year- old celebration..
    mọi ng giúp tớ kái đề này mới . thực sự là kô thể nghĩ ra cái j` . khó quá ak`/!~
  6. saodoing0i

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    ai giúp mình mấy cái topic này nha:

    1.Describe the countryside in the morning
    2.You tell a foreigner about Vietnam, your beloved homeland
    3.Write about your ideal job and about what you are doing or going to do to have such a job.
    4.What is your major? Write about why you chose it and what you are doing to better it.
    5.Write about the kind of partner/colleague you would like to work with.
    6.Would you like to have a job in a company or would you like to have your own business? Write about your choice and the reasons for it.
    7.Write about a successful businessman/woman that you know. What can you learn from him/her?
    8.Write about what you like about your current studying/working place and what you don’t like about it.
    9.What kind of job would you like your future spouse to have? Why?

    Mỗi bài viết từ 200-250 từ
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