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    bạn nào rành tiếng anh viết giùm mình một đoạn văn tiếng anh dài tầm 150 - 200 từ về:
    1.tầm quan trọng của tiếng anh
    2.trang phục truyền thống
    3.cách học tiếng anh
    4.môi trường đang bị ô nhiễm nghiêm trọng, chúng ta phải làm gì?
    5.những thuận lợi của internet
    6.những bất lợi của internet
    \Rightarrow nếu được phiền bạn dịch sang tiếng việt giùm mình lun nhe, đoạn nào cũng được, tất cả thì càng tốt , tks nhìu ạ :):):)
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    Đề 1: General Secretary ASEAN Le Luong Minh affirmed the significance and necessity of English for ASEANgeneral community as this common international language will help members that have diversities in history, culture and religion, be close to each other. "English is an important, indispensable tool, which allows interaction and exchange of information among member states helps strengthen and enhance mutual understanding, from benefits and concerns to dreams and aspirations "In the trend of globalization today,the importance of English can not be denied and ignored because it is widely used everywhere in the world.Along with the development of technology, Medical, Engineering and Education ... there are places where English plays the most important role.
    P/s: nhìn z thôi chứ ko ngắn đâu.
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    Đề 3:
    Experiences in learning English.
    It is not imperative to concentrate only on Grammar and exercies when learning English.You can improve your English by simple daily activities. The followings are some experiences for you:
    1. Playing games, watching TV or learning through English songs.
    2. Learning English through websites.
    3. Studying in groups or in pairs.
    4. Using English in many places, not just in classrooms.
    5. Speaking comfortably, not being afraid of making mistakes.
    6. Learning vocabulary systematically and in themes.
  4. tks p nhìu nghen, p viết đc đoạn nèo nữa hông, giúp mình với :khi (15):
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    Đề 2:
    The áo dài is a Vietnamese national costume, now most commonly for women. In its current form, it is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons. The word is pronounced ow zai in the North and ow yai in the South of the country. Áo is derived from a Middle Chinese word meaning "padded coat"
    Academic commentary on the ao dai emphasizes the way the dress ties feminine beauty to Vietnamese nationalism, especially in the form of "Miss Ao Dai" pageants, popular both among overseas Vietnamese and in Vietnam itself. "Ao dai" is one of the few Vietnamese words that appear in English-language dictionaries,demonstrate strong symbol for nationalist beauty of this traditional outfit. Whether and how many thousands of years with many variations, single definition also recognizes the traditional costume of Vietnamese people are not hybridized with other cultures is two long dress.
  6. 6.những bất lợi của internet
    Nowadays almost everyone in the world have had a contact with computers. A great part of them has been using international computer’s net known as Internet.
    I think using internet has more advantages then disadvantages. First of all, Internet provides access to a lot of information. Some of them are very useful in your job other helps in your hobby. Searching the net with Google, you can find everything you want. You can also do shopping using Internet. Of course it has no sense to buying a roll, but if you need something inaccessible, you will be able to buy it in Internet shop. You need only to select what you want, fill in some forms and click ok. In a few days you will get what you have ordered directly to your home, without going anywhere. You can pay with your credit card, pay postman when you get the package, or transfer money from your bank account. Nowadays almost every bigger bank offers transferring money with Internet. It is more faster then going to the bank and filling blankets. Transferring money in traditional way takes about a day, using Internet you can do this in few seconds even in Saturday and Sunday evenings. What’s more internet banks give you insurance against unauthorized transaction. Some people thinks that their money can by easily stolen by hackers. It isn’t true because the easiest way to steal your money from internet bank is breaking to your house and stealing you card of codes. Internet banks have very good protections witch make them practically unbreakable.
    Next advantage of internet is email. Internet mails get in a few seconds in their destinations. It is very important when you want to send something for example to Australia. Of course you can send not only texts. You can email whatever you want, movies, photos, songs, computer programs etc. Costs are very important advantage of emails. Sending an email is much cheaper then phoning, or sending normal letters.
    Beside a lot of advantages, Internet has some disadvantages too. First of disadvantages is that people who spend too much time sitting in the front of computer can easily gets ill. Radiation emitted by computer’s screen is harmful to eyes. People who spend too much time at their homes (because they needn’t go anywhere, they can do everything using Internet) are getting weaker. Sitting a for long time is also harmful to the spine.
    Second disadvantage is that Internet can by addictive. Some people just can’t live without it. They have no real friends and when Internet is down they are getting furious.
    Internet has some opponents but more and more people treats Internet like telephone, or radio. They use it for fun and work, and I think at present living without internet would be quite difficult.

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