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    Ngoại ngữ Chuyển các câu sau sang thể phủ định, nghi vấn, hoặc khẳng định

    dễ mà bạn, bạn có thể sử dụng câu hỏi đuôi hoặc đảo ngược tình huống thành câu hỏi
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    Ngoại ngữ câu hỏi đuôi

    You could have seen him,___couldn't you______? He should have come home ealier,_____shouldn't he_____?:):)
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    Ngoại ngữ Tìm lỗi sai và sửa lỗi

    1.A-> told 2. C-> what 3. C-> to trust 5. D-> exercise.
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    Ngoại ngữ Viết lại câu nghĩa không đổi

    :p1. A new house is out of question- we can not afford it 2. They are short of money, so they can't buy a new cooker
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    Ngoại ngữ sắp xếp

    You will have lots of new friends soon.
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    Ngoại ngữ bài luận tiếng anh

    cai nay chi co the len google la nhanh
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    yes, mik là A.R.M.Y này

    yes, mik là A.R.M.Y này
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    Ngoại ngữ Practice

    :) 1. It is more dangerous to ride a motorbike than to drive a car. => Riding a motorbike is more dangerous than driving car 2. Learning English is not easy. => English is difficult to learn 3. Minh isn't tall enough to reach the bookshelf. => Minh is too short to reach the bookshelf 4. It is...
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    Ngoại ngữ Rewrite the sentences

    1. Don't ask so many questions. => Please stop asking so many questions 2. He couldn't afford to buy that car. => That car was too expensive for him to buy/ có thể dùng so that 3. Mary finds it easy to make friend. => Mary has no difficulty in making friend 4. Somebody repaired her refrigerator...
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    Ngoại ngữ [Anh 9]Write essay

    In this century, the invention of technology changes people’s life. People could easily participate in some activities, and they believe that technology have some negative impacts for social relationship. However, other people think that technology aids them to communicate more effectively than...
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    yes and thanks

    yes and thanks
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    có ai fan kpop trong trang web này không? cho mik kết bạn

    có ai fan kpop trong trang web này không? cho mik kết bạn
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    đăng bài kiểu gì vậy/// save me//

    đăng bài kiểu gì vậy/// save me//
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