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  • I guess you should find a partner of the same level to practice with. :p I'm not sure whether you can gain any improvement on your language skills from such method, but it works for me. ;))
    Most metaphorical expressions I've come across are in songs' lyrics. In "Forever autumn" performed by Lake of tears, I found the expression "a ripple forms on the brink of time", which is extremely evocative to me. Here's the lyric of the song accompanied by its translation, which was made by me. :)) Don't laugh at it. =))) hope that you are not that fucked up. Anw, that was a good song and hope that someday you can join our topic. ;))

    Thèn cờ hó nào đấy =.= facebook ngày nào cũg oln rành rành ra đấy ko hỏi cho lẹ, nay bày vẽ vào đây hỏi thăm =)) tỉ năm t mới ghé cái profile 1 lần :))
    Nope. Not that sophisticated. It's like "ẩn dụ" in Vietnamese language. All you need to do is think abou two things having something in common, then create a comparison based on them before rendering that expression more "metaphorical". :))) River runs or "thoughts are spinning in my head" are two simple example of frequently-used metaphors.
    For the sake of simplicity, to me, metaphors are something like indirect comparisons while "similes" refer to the direct counterparts. Therefore, it seems not legit to consider whether a metaphor or simile is clear or not (its "authenticity", I mean, "clarity" is completely dependent on the writer/ speaker's intention and the readers' ability to comprehend the expression). I'm not sure but I believe that a metaphor or a similes is "clear" only if the subject and the metaphorical vehicle link well together and the expression manage to communicate exactly the writer's intention.
    That's cool!! I am a fan of any students who excel at mathematics. They are super intelligent, manly and seem to know everything under the sun. :)) It's a right decision to take the ielts exam next year. I took that exam so early that now I always have to worry that my certificate will expire before I can use it for anything important. T^T :( Glad to hear about your successful presentations. I do not like Geography as I used to have some problems with my geography teacher. (mr Sinh, he taught at your school, too). Hope that someday we can meet at my school. :)
    No, that might be a funny, but definitely not a weird habit. My friends and I sometimes visit the cafeterias in the school campus to buy some drinks or sit still there just to see people passing by. It's a good way to release pressure or anxiety. I know a wisty cafe located under a beautiful canopy of green and yellow leaves near my campus. There are even little tiny birds there. Hope that someday I can invite you to go to my school and "sit" with me. :))
    Most presentations that I am in charge of bristles with quarrels as I'm a freaking argumentative student. :( I do not keep any record on it, sorry. :(
    May I know the subject you specialise in at your school? Is it chemistry, maths or physics? ;)) Bs, are you going at any English certificates?
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