What can you do to support people with disabilities and help them to succeed in life?


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18 Tháng hai 2020
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2 Tháng tám 2020
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What can you do to support people with disabilities and help them to succeed in life?

(Bạn có thể làm gì để hỗ trợ người khuyết tật và giúp họ thành công trong cuộc sống?)
Bạn thử kham thảo nhé!
In our lives, everyone has their own unique joys and unhappiness. Yes, many people in need are in need. Therefore, we have methods to help support people with disabilities and help them succeed in life.
For the sake of this society, let's be determined! For example: We can get involved in volunteer clubs. We can connect sponsors and philanthropists with children with mobility impairments but very talented for their success in later life. Or think that when you help them, you will also be very happy. In addition, We also give those children hope by hosting a number of events where they can integrate into the community and gain confidence in showing their talents. Furthermore, we can donate to charity, get everyone to donate books, pens, briefcases and other school supplies. Additionally, we can, along with other volunteers, organise a meaningful festival for disabled children on Christmas Day or the Mid-Autumn festival. And I think that we can do many other useful activities to help them.
Yes, we must love each other. For a beautiful and brilliant society, let's join hands to build this life more rich and more civilized!
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