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    Write about 120 - 150 words to say about you learn English well
    Lai Mai TrangLee Da-bin thích bài này.
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    THCS Nguyễn Du

    Bài viết 1:
    Nowadays, English is an international language, and most young people are learning this language with the hope of being able to communicate with people on over the world. English has become a compulsory subject at most schools, and a lot of people go to foreign language teaching centers to improve their skills. Learning English is not just limited in memorizing vocabulary and grammar, but it is also a process of training and improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skill. We should focus on these four elements, because each skill will have the necessary content to complement the other three. We improve our speaking skill if we can listen to and understand what people say; and if we can master our vocabulary and grammar, we can write and read easily. Apart from spending the time to practice, we also need to be creative in learning English. Textbooks at schools and English-teaching centers are just basic steps, so we need to be proactive in finding more resources. There are a lot of movies, music and books written in English nowadays, and we can learn a lot from them. In short, learning English is a long process, but it will be easier if we can find the right and effective ways to learn.
    Bài viết 2:
    Learning a new language is always a challenge for anyone, but learning English can become a harmonious combination of researching and entertainment if we are flexible. Besides stressful studying hours, we can still learn English even when we are entertaining. Learners can turn their hobbies such as reading, watching movies or listening to music into a powerful assistant in learning this language. While watching English movies, we can also listen to what the actors and actresses say in order to get familiar with the Western accent also as the way they use the sentence structure in a particular context. Next, we can learn more vocabulary and have a thorough understanding of grammar by reading English lyrics and books. On weekends, instead of playing games or hanging out with friends, we can spend some of our spare time to join the English clubs. These clubs provide an open English-communicating environment, enabling us to communicate confidently and recognize our mistakes. This can help us to be more interested in learning English, and talking to native speakers can encourage us to learn more about this language. In general, English is not too difficult for us to learn; however, we should know how to learn it properly in order to make the best use of it.
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  3. Phạm Dương

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    - Giới thiệu về tiếng Anh, tầm quan trọng trong cuộc sống hiện đại.
    - Em học Tiếng Anh như thế nào? (một ngày mấy tiếng, thường làm những gì, ở đâu)
    - Em cảm thấy việc học này của bản thân có phù hợp hay không?
    - Em có thấy mình nâng cao được trình độ không?
    phuongdaitt1Nguyễn Như Tuyết thích bài này.
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    Dance Groups

    Bài 1
    Now,most people are studing english which will help them to get more successful in their life.besides,some people study it due to their hobby. with exception, i am also studing it. Firstly, English is the international language. all of people in over the world are absolutely paying attention to improving four skill.because when we want to make friend with each other, we can communicate and write for each other.for me, i can widen relations with people in many countries. Studing english helps me communicate more with foreigner. when i travel or visit some of my close relative in foreign country, i will be more confident to chat with them or some people do business with foreign countries, they can understand enough to exchange information with each other.Especially,it is important for people who are about to study abroad. Studing english will help me to work more effectively. because when i apply for a job, i will hand in ielts or toefl certificate for director.i think, this will help me get more easily successful. In my opinion, english is a easy language to study.Mean of words is easy to remember. but now, i study english not well and try my best to learn it. in the morning,i get up at 7am to learn by heart several new word and listen to bbc, cnn. Sometimes i also listen to english music. in the everning, i practise to write several essay and do some task in fast reading, meaning into word book. But i feel that my listening and writing skill is not good. sometimes i still have some trouble in listening, i listen to english not clearly . for writing, i am often incorrect about my expression. Hence,i promise that i will try to improve my all skill

    Bài 2
    Acoundin' to me, one of the hardest Subjects i've ever learnt is English.I've been learning it for 7 years but my English is still poor. Although i hated English , still i had to learn it. I know that many Vietnamese hate studying English, they even don't want to speak or study English in spite of the fact that they know how important Engish is in our modern society. Because of our demand of communication, jobs. I already know that and i tried to love this subject. And gradually i turned out to like it. I found some similarities in Vietnamese and English, it make me easier to understand many English words and sentences. Everybody has their own experiences in English. and so do i. I listen to English song and watch English movie anytime anytime i could. Then i try to guess the meaning or understand the words when i can not guess. Then i speak English, sometime i stand in front of the mirror and talk as i talk with a forgeiner. Then i make friend with an native person (maybe on the internet) and i practise my listening and speaking. also i study grammars as well.Step by step, my english is getting much better. despite of my tries, can not i fix my pronunciation, it's terrible. My local voice sounds so heavy. It's really hard to fix. Now, i'm trying to speak English more influently. And i will be good at English.

    Bài 3
    English is a international language. It is very popular in the world. Therefore, I like to learn English very much. There are many reasons for learning English but I have three main reasons for it: find a good job, communicate with foreigners and especially catch up with the age. Firstly, We learn English to find a good job easily after graduation from college. I think it is right. If we want to work in foreign companies with high salary, first of all we have to know to use English. We have to write CV in English and speak english to employer in an interview that required. And I am sure that if we are good at English and a little experience in work we get, we will have a good job with high salary that we always want. Secondly, communicating in English with foreigners is very useful. Actually, We have many opportunities to learn and understand clearly about differences between British and American English. Moreover, they will correct us when we make mistakes in using words in English. That helps us improve English very much. Thirdly, We are living in the era of information technology. Therefore, we have to use personal computer in our work. And if we know English, we can read and understand programs in English easily. Moreover, we can read English News to know what happening in the world, listen to our favourite English songs or play games in free time. And it is very useful for us to relax after hard working days. Learning English brings us many opportunities to catch up the age. We can broaden knowledge and study many things from it. We can know about cultures, manners and customs from many countries in the world. Therefore, right now we have to study English to prepare for our lives in the future. And We always hope we can do everything if we try to best. That makes us successful in life.

    Bài 4
    Learing English is not easy. If you want to study English well, what should you do to improve your English. You should have no doubt that speaking English is very important in the real-life and working. Follow me, first of all you have to know how to read and speak primitive English. Just try to start as soon as you can. To keep in touch with the language is, maybe, the most important step on learning any language.Learning English requires a lot of practice, so don't wait! Try borrowing some books from a friend and try to talk with your friends that have better skills than you do in English, even if you're in a country which the native language is not English. Grammar is important, but the only way to fix all those rules in your mind is through conversation. Don't ever forget that!Get a bunch of books written for young people. They use to be in plain English and it's a good way to start, before reading any more complex books. Try to study English as much and as often as possible. Reading books is a good way to improve your English. Watching TV and listening to the talk back radio will improve your English effectively. Watching the news is a good way to start, because most of the journalists speak very clearly, with strong accents. Learning English requires a lot of practice and determination, so don't try to learn everything at once, but don't ever give up! Remember that the hardest part on learning English is to get the correct pronunciation, since the grammar is very easy, in comparison to other languages. In any cases, with or without taking classes, good strategies and good resources are important. However, your own effort and dedication to the study are the key to success
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