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  1. huetran110

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    Hà Nội
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    trường THCS lươ
    [TẶNG BẠN] TRỌN BỘ Bí kíp học tốt 08 môn

    [NÓNG!!!] Mừng Tết Xanh - Tranh Quà Khủng

    Bạn đang TÌM HIỂU về nội dung bên dưới? NẾU CHƯA HIỂU RÕ hãy ĐĂNG NHẬP NGAY để được HỖ TRỢ TỐT NHẤT. Hoàn toàn miễn phí!

    các bn giúp mik vs ạ : write about the festival you joined recently .thanks mn
  2. Thùy Linh ^-^

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    Nghệ An
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    THCS Nghi Phong

    I used to attend the Tet Holiday Flower festival. It’s called Nguyen Hue Flower street Festival. It is held in Nguyen Hue Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It takes place every Tet Holiday for 1 week. It is celebrated by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. They display and decorate the street with many kinds of flowers and lights. Many people come there to enjoy the beautiful flowers and take pictures.
  3. LêmyBlink2k7

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    Thanh Hóa
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    1.On the occasion, I attended a local festival. It is the Temple Festival. There are many interesting activities such as: balloon piercing, monkey bridge, or dance festival. The most interesting thing is the balloon piercing, 120 coins, ten darts, players in turn use the darts in the balloons too explosive it, if from seven or more will get a big teddy bear thunder. A monkey festival is held on a pond or lake. At the end of the bridge, coins are placed with different values. The player must skillfully cross the bridge and then, at the end of the bridge, take a coin. hanging there, who is not careful is falling into the water soon.
    2.I took part in a traditional games festival in my school in HCM City (chỗ này có thể thay thế được). The festival lasted for one day. There were three activities in this festival: water-fetching by hand, tug of war and mandarin square capturing. In the water-fatching by hand contest, three people from each team had to get the water by hand and pour the water into the bottle. In tug of war, ten people from each team have to pull a rope in the opposite direction from the other team. In mandarin square capturing, five people from each team placed one big stone in each of the rice field squares. The first player took up all the pieces of any rice field square on his/her side of the board and distributed one piece per square starting at the next square in either direction. When all five pieces are distributed, the player would repeat again and another player do the same too.The game ended when all the pieces are captured. After the three contests my group won the second prize. The festival was wonderful.
    3.In our culture,there are many festivals,but I like most the rice-cookinh festival.
    This festival is held every two years.But this year,it was held earlier than before.It was held in a communal house yard.This festival took one day.I joined in it with my family.
    In this festival,there were three team,each team has six members and there were three contests : water-fetching ; fire-making ; rice-cooking.
    In the water-fetching contest,every member from each team had to take one of bottles from a river bank one kilometer away and come back to the starting position
    And in the fire-making contest, two members of each team had to make fire by rubbing the pieces of bamboo,the fire is made in the traditional way and the winners are the first team made fire.
    Next,in the rice-cooking contest,six members of each team had to seperate the rice from the husk and cook the rice.
    Finally,the judges ate the rice of each team,and the winner is the most delicious rice and the grand prize was awarded for my village.We were very happy and felt very excited.What a wonderful festival

    4.I think the main festival in my country is Christmas, which is in late December. The main day that is celebrated in the UK is Christmas Day, on 25th December, though we also have the day off the following day, on Boxing Day, when many people visit friends and extended family.
    I spent last Christmas with my family, and will also spend this one there too. We all get together at my parents’ house, because it is large enough to host everyone. On Christmas morning, we start preparing the meal, as it takes a long time to cook! We put the turkey or goose in the oven, and then some of us go to church for a Christmas mass. The rest of us stay behind to carry on cooking. At around midday, we gather round the Christmas tree, which is decorated with baubles, tinsel, and fairy lights and we open our presents, which are all placed under the tree the night before. After that we have our Christmas dinner, which is always the same meal as it is a traditional feast.
    I love nearly everything about Christmas. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement in the period leading up to Christmas, and then during the festival itself families and friends spend time together and most people have time off work. One thing I don’t like about Christmas is that it is very commercialised and it can be stressful getting ready for it!
    This festival is important for many people, even for non-Christians. Many non-Christian people in the UK enjoy the festive season without attaching any religious significance to it. It is our only national holiday involving resting, feasting and the giving of gifts, and I think such times nurture our souls.
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