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  1. tm27

    tm27 Guest

    1. This liver condition is common among heavy drinkers.
    6. Another way:
    She wore headphones lest she (should) disturb anyone.
    7. She doesn't have MUCH (of a) flair for arranging flowers.
    8. Bill has turned over a new leaf SINCE he came out of prison.
    9. Under no circumstances is this box to be opened until Christmas Day.
    10. Her early success has gone to her head.


    1. This involved some __UNDERHAND(ED)___ dealings with the chief of the police. (HAND)
    2. Ensure your screen colors are not causing eye strain. Avoid fluorescent __MULTICOLORED___ screens. (COLOR)
    3. You can travel from one end of the park to the other on a __MINIATURE___ railway. (MINIMIZE)
    4. Mr. Madill stated that the __ALLEGATIONS___ against him were unfounded. (ALLEGE)
    5. The lingering war in the country has brought about nothing but the __DEHUMANISING___ effects of poverty and squalor. (HUMAN)
    6. The __INTERMARRIAGES___ between blacks and whites are more and more common. (MARRY)
    7. He has unwavering belief in something unreal such as _PARANORMAL____ forces. (NORMALITY)
    8. __NATIONALISM____ can be dangerously close to racism. (NATION)
    9. The world champion was __DETHRONED__ by a younger Russian challenger. (THRONE)
    10. They came to realise that their differences were __IRRECONCILABLE___ and decided to separate. (RECONCILE)
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    đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 thpt năng khiếu môn tiếng anh

    I. In the following groups of words, pick out the word that is pronounced differently from the others (it can be underlined vowel, consonant sounds or stress pattern). Mark X on your answer. (5m)
    Example: 0. a. dinner b. breakfast c. lesson d. hello
    00. a. cool b. fool c. good d. food
    Answer: 0. d
    00. c
    1. a. cost b. dog c. come d. fox
    2. a. girl b. hurt c. heard d. heart
    3. a. pass b. bays c. worse d. chips
    4. a. fished b. learned c. saved d. delayed
    5. a. excellent b. hospital c. interesting d. direction
    II. Choose the word or phrase (in a, b, c, d) which best completes each of the sentences below. Mark X on your answer. (10m)
    6. I had to wear ________ uniform when I worked in the hotel.
    a. a b. some c. any d. an
    7. You can use my bicycle ________ you bring it back tomorrow.
    a. although b. as long as c. nevertheless d. in spite of
    8. The lake contained ________ thousands of fish.
    a. much b. one c. few d. many
    9. The nurse was on ________ in the hospital all night.
    a. work b. alarm c. duty d. service
    10. I suggest we ________ outside the cinema tomorrow at 8:30.
    a. meeting b. meet c. met d. will meet
    11. Cut the cake into six ________ pieces.
    a. same b. like c. alike d. equal
    12. ________ playing basketball, she also enjoys tennis.
    a. Besides b. Moreover c. Apart d. Together
    13. The meeting had to be put ________ until a later date.
    a. away b. on c. off d. up
    14. I’ll show you around the city, when you ________ to visit me.
    a. come b. will come c. are coming d. will be coming
    15. His eyes were ________ bad that he couldn’t read the number plate of the car in front.
    a. such b. too c. so d. very
    III. Choose the question or response which fits the situation. Mark X on your answer. (5 m)
    16. − I’m afraid I’ve broken your umbrella.
    a. Don’t mention it. b. Not at all. c. It’s the same. d. Don’t worry about it.
    17. What
    a. is your opinion for my new dress ? b. do you think of my new dress ?
    c. do you think from my new dress ? d. is your idea about my new dress ?
    18. − John says he doesn’t like you.
    a. I don’t care. b. It is the same. c. I know he isn’t. d. So do I.
    19. a. Care what you are doing ! b. Mind what you are doing !
    c. Attention what you are doing ! d. Look out for what you are doing !
    20. Joe: Would you like to come to my party ?
    Sue: Is your brother going to ?
    a. I don’t think so. b. Do you think so ? c. Yes, we are. d. I’m thinking of it.
    IV. Fill in the gaps in the passage with the word or words which make sense. Mark X on your answer. (5m)
    If you want to buy a car, do not buy one from my friend, Mike Jackson. I do not __(21)__ that he is dishonest, or that he will charge you more than the car ___ (22) ___. No, Mike is an honest man, and he knows a lot about cars. The problem is that ___ (23) ___ exaggerating. He will show you an old car that looks as if it had been run over by a train, and then say, ‘Don’t worry! Once I’ve cleaned it up and repaired the engine, it will be as good as the Queen’s Rolls Royce.’
    If, ___ (24) ___ this, the car coughs and falls to pieces, he will just smile and say, ‘Never mind! I’ve got another car for sale that’s even better. Come and have a look at it.’
    ___ (25) ___ to say goodbye and walk away from him.
    21. a. want you to think 3 b. hope c. expect you to find out d. have any idea
    22. a. is worth b. that he is trying to sell c. should have d. is valuable
    23. a. he intends b. he cannot help c. it makes a lot of d. there will be
    24. a. as he is speaking b. although he says c. while he is saying d. as soon as
    25. a. You’d rather b. Now c. You are well d. This is the moment
    V. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. (5m)
    Example: 0. Exercise is one of the best ways of keeping
    ________ away. [DEPRESSED]
    Answer: 0. depression
    26. It is difficult to come up with a reliable __________________ of the word superstition. [DEFINE]
    27. After two years of _____________, Hà got to know Linh really well. [FRIEND]
    28. Linh received most of his _____________ education from his mother. [MUSIC]
    29. I found Tony’s book _____________ interesting. [SURPRISE]
    30. The government is going to provide more houses for ____________ people. [HOME]
    VI. Choose one word given which best completes the sentence. Each word can be used ONCE only. (5 m)
    vacations, vacancies, directions, instructions, sign, signal, fussy, order
    31. Michiyo is really _____________________ about fresh food.
    32. Guesthouses with _____________________ are often hard to find in summer.
    33. I must consult the _____________________ for the food mixer.
    34. Shall we _____________________ a pudding ?
    35. Look first, then _____________________ !
    VII. Complete the following passage with the missing words – ONE word for each gap. (20 m)
    The Old Man and the Sea is very easy (36) ________________ read. On the (37) ________________ first page, you learn (38) ________________ the old man has gone 84 days without catching so much as a single fish. On that opening page, (39) _____________ everything about him is described as old characteristics (40)________________ as the wrinkles on his neck and the many scars on his hands. This makes you feel such enormous sympathy (41) ________________ the old man. I think the reason (42) ________________ the book is so popular is that it tells a very simple story, that is timeless enough to appeal (43) ________________ people of all ages and backgrounds. It has such (44) ________________ unusual style, too, which contributes (45) ________________ its success.
    VIII. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. (10m)
    Example: The article gives two stories with happy endings. [are]
    Answer: Two stories with happy endings are given in the article.
    46. They say the baby was born in poor conditions. [said]
     The baby _______________________________________ born in poor conditions.
    47. I prefer to go out to clubs and see live comedy instead of watching TV recordings of it. [than]
     I prefer to see live comedy _______________________________________ watching TV recordings of it.
    48. Your salary depends on the success of the band. [much]
     How _________________________________________________ the success of the band.
    49. Your teeth need checking regularly. [have]
     You ought __________________________________________________ regularly.
    50. His boss told him he was fired and ordered him to leave immediately. [got]
     His boss told him he ______________________________________________ and said he should leave immediately.
    IX. With the words and phrases provided below, make all the changes and additions necessary to produce correct sentences of a story. Do not change the order of the words. The example is the first sentence of the story. (20m)
    Example: My first visit / cinema / unhappy one.
    Answer: My first visit to the cinema was a very unhappy one.
    51. I / be taken there / some friends / when I / be / only seven / year / old.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    52. first / there / be / bright lights and music / and I / feel / quite happy.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    53. When / lights / go out, / I / feel / afraid.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    54. film / start / and I / see / train / screen.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    55. train / come / me.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    56. I / shout out / fear / and / get down / my seat.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    57. When my friends / see / me, / they / start / laugh.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    58. I / feel / ashamed / and / sit back / my seat.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    59. I / watch / film / end / but I / still feel / afraid.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
    60. I / be / glad / when / film / end.
     __________________________________________________ _________________
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    shuieshushu Guest

    Cho em hỏi với ạ, các anh chị có bản audio phần nghe của Anh chuyên vào Ams năm 2012-2013 không ạ? :p Nếu ai có cho em xin với! Em cảm ơn nhiều :D
  4. haphanchepao

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    help me!!!
    148. I want to buy the bike but it is too expensive .
    -> I don't
    150. I realized that I wasmaking him annoyed .
    -> I found
    159. They built the new cinema for much longer than they had originally estimated ( under )
    -> The new cinema .............................................for much longer than they had originally estimated .
    163. He just needs to finish the work and then he will call her . (way)
    -> He just needs to.....................and then he will call her .
    177. I think they are largely responsible for what happened . (small)
    -> I hold them ...................................responsible for what happened
  5. Đây là đáp án của mình, mọi người coi thử nhé, xem có được không!
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    Mình năm nay học lớp 9,cũng là năm cuối của cấp 2,mình đã có dự định thi vào lớp chuyên Anh từ đầu năm lớp 6.Mình cũng đang trong đội tuyển chuyên Anh.Trong quá trình học,mình cảm thấy mình có hơi yếu phần từ vựng,sau khi tìm và tra cứu thì mình biết được là từ điển Anh-Anh có thể giúp phần từ vựng của mình khá lên.Nhưng mình đang rất là phân vân,không biết nên mua từ điển nào cho phù hợp,Oxford hay Longman.Các anh chị của topic Tiếng Anh có thể cho mình xin một vài lời khuyên về việc lựa chọn từ điển được không ạ?
    :khi (15): :khi (15): :khi (15): :khi (15): :khi (15): Giúp mình với ạ,mình hỏi trên diễn đàn mà không ai trả lời cả :M031:
  7. kudoshizuka

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    Chị nghĩ e nên mua từ điển Oxford. hi vọng là e có thể đạt được kết quả cao
  8. bé có thể kết hợp dic nhé. hoặc dùng 1 trong 2 cũng đc. nếu ở nhà có pc thì cài lingoes vào có đủ hết các loại từ điển đó nhé.
  9. I. Multiple choices:

    1. My parents always want me to set a good........ to myyounger brother
    A. example
    B. pattern
    C. form
    D. model
    2. I know it’s a big favor to ask but,.......... , I’ve always helped you when you arein trouble.
    A. considering
    B. bearing in mind
    C. after all
    D. in the light
    3. My apartment is simply furnished...........a bed, a wardrobe, and a dinnertable.
    A. up
    B. with
    C. of
    D. down
    4. She cast a sad smile in my direction and then.............. her tragicstory. (chịu :( )
    A. proceeded
    B. resumed
    C. persisted
    D. restored
    5. I always have a hot bath after a hard-working day as a............. .
    A. principle
    B. normality
    C. rule
    D. regularity
    6. He is very big-headed, .....................him widely unpopular.
    A. make
    B. to make
    C. makes
    D. making
    7. His talents ___ with his hard work led to his great success.
    A. combined
    B. combining
    C. to be combined
    D. beingcombined
    8. His harsh criticism of her appearance gave........... to her deephatred for him.
    A. cause
    B. rise
    C. result
    D. lead
    9. He seems to __ a lot of pleasure from collecting stamps.
    A. reach
    B. grab
    C. derive
    D. originate
    10. The maths exercise was so difficult that...... students could finish it.
    A. few
    B. a few
    C. little
    D. a little
  10. lethikimthoa52

    lethikimthoa52 Học sinh chăm học Thành viên

    Bài viết:
    Điểm thành tích:

    Finish each sentence in such a way that it means exactly the same as the one printed before it.
    1. i failed in my examination because i didn't study carefully
    if i ................................................................................................
    2. stayding at home is better than going to see that film
    i'd rather..............................................................................
    3. it's not necessary for you to wear a uniform
    4. nam can't afford to buy that secondhand motorbike
    nam doesn't ....................................................................
    5. although it was rainy, we went to the beach.
    in spite of........................................................
    6. when the cost became more expensive , it is more difficult for me to buy.
    the more..............................................................................
    7. i employed my neighbour to clean my car
    i had.....................................................................
  11. iceghost

    iceghost Mod Toán Cu li diễn đàn TV BQT xuất sắc nhất 2016

    Bài viết:
    Điểm thành tích:
    Nơi ở:
    TP Hồ Chí Minh
    Trường học/Cơ quan:
    Đại học Bách Khoa TPHCM

    1. If I had studied carefully, I wouldn't have failed in my exam.
    2. I'd rather stay at home than go to see that film
    3. You don't need to wear a uniform
    4. Nam doesn't have enough money to buy that secondhand motorbike
    5. In spite of the rain, we went to the beach
    6. The more expensive the cost become, the more difficultly I buy
    7. I had my car cleaned by my neighbour
    lethikimthoa52 thích bài này.
  12. roates

    roates Học sinh chăm học Thành viên

    Bài viết:
    Điểm thành tích:

    các anh chị 10 chuyên cho em vài lời khuyên được không ạ?em đã có dự định thi vào lớp chuyên Anh từ đầu năm lớp 6, cuối cấp 1 rồi ạ. Trong quá trình học thì em không thể nhớ được các từ mới, yếu phần trọng âm, em đã tìm trên mạng ,.v.v nhưng kết quả không đâu vào đâu. Mong anh/chị cho em vài lời khuyên ạ
    Khởi Đầu Mới thích bài này.
  13. Khởi Đầu Mới

    Khởi Đầu Mới Học sinh tiến bộ Thành viên

    Bài viết:
    Điểm thành tích:

    Có tên trong danh sách đậu trường chuyên mà bất mãn với phong cách của trường chuyên nên bỏ ngang thì có tính vô để giúp bạn đc ko đây :v
    Muốn nhớ từ mới thì có 2 cách: 1 học theo truyền thống ... viết đi viết lại nhiều lần thì tự khắc sẽ nhớ lâu; cách 2 học theo sơ đồ tư duy ... gắn từ mới đó vào một mẩu truyện tự sáng tác, 1 câu nói hài, 1 câu văn gì đó để lại ấn tượng hoặc khi gặp 1 trường hợp thực tế, bạn mài mò đưa từ ấy vào ứng dụng
    Một yếu tố tiên quyết cho bạn nếu muốn đổ cao thì hãy luyện tập thật nhiều. "Practice makes perfect"
    ngochaad, roatesNeko Chan thích bài này.
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