English THCS Đặt câu với từ cho trước

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28 Tháng sáu 2020
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Muốn biết hãy hỏi :D
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Mọi người giúp em đặt câu ví dụ với ạ!!
1 : Education has played an essential role in our country
2 : If he doesn't have a guardian, he can't enter here
3 : He was a deeply compassionate man
4 : Kind - hearted women deserve praise
5 :The directors stand by the story.
6 : She's very strong-willed and if she's decided to do this work, nothing will stop her.
7 : You should be setting a good example to your you sister
8 : You should have a positive outlook in life
9 : You might be worthy - eligible for a grant.
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