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    English THPT English Speaking

    1Do you have any favourite stores? 2. Which is the most popular place for shopping in your hometown?
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    English THPT Nghĩa của cụm cố định

    have a blast take a shower/bath pay tribute break the ice break the news to someone catch sight of / catch a glimpse of catch someone’s eye come into force/effect come to an end come to terms with = learn to accept someone or something come under attack/scrutiny come close = to...
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    English THPT Anh chị cho em hỏi nghĩa các cụm từ và cách dùng với ạ em cám ơn

    earn/get/pay interest careful with difficult for experienced in/at inform sb about work as work for make/take a decision (to do sth) come to/reach/make a decision (about sth) have/take/express an interest in sth/doing in your interest to do
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    English THPT Nghĩa và cách sử dụng

    in business small/big business put effort into sth/doing make an arrangement (with/for sb) (to do) have an arrangement (with sb) (to do) earn / make ends meet take a day off fire / make redundant set to do business (with sb)
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    English THPT Nghĩa của từ

    in a good/bad mood in the mood for sth do/owe sb a favour be in favour of keep/give/make sb a promise >< break a/your promise in the right/wrong mood get round to at/for a certain time find time to do make/find time for (on) the opposite side (on) the far side have a go lose/make/find...
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    English THPT cho em hỏi về nghĩa.thanks

    have/take a break (from sth/doing) lunch break/ tea break give sb a break see/take sb's point (about sth/doing) (see) the point in/of sth/doing make a point (of doing) sit (for) an exam pass a building/etc make sense of sth it makes sense (to do) make/accept a suggestion
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