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Thảo luận trong 'Ôn thi vào lớp 10' bắt đầu bởi tieulongcongchua, 17 Tháng ba 2009.


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    > Đăng ký gia nhập BQT DIỄN ĐÀN

    supply the following blanks with correct prepositions.
    1. We're had a few nice days, but ______ general it's been a poor summmer.
    2. I was lucky. I found the solution ______ accident.
    3. It's a long journey. Let's stop somewhere ______ the way and have a meal.
    4. I spent ages looking for a phone box. ______ the end I found one.
    5. Helen speak Italian, so she acted ______ our interpreter.
    6. Is there anything ______ television tonight.
    7. It happened quite _____ chance.
    8. These flats are still _____ sale.
    9. Shall we go ______ your car or mine ?
    10. Did the the others lock you out of the house ______ purpose. ?

    viết tiếp câu chưa hoàn tất sao cho có cùng nghĩa với câu trên.
    1. I can't cook very well.
    ~> I'm not very ____________________
    2. Mary is excited about meeting her new friends.
    ~> Mary is looking _________________________
    3. Nobody has paid for it.
    ~> It _____________
    4. Driving on the left feels strange to me.
    ~> I'm not used _____________________
    5. John telephoned Patrick at work because he didn't know his home number.
    ~> Not _______________________
    6. People say that the telephone was invented by Graham Bell.
    ~> The telephone _______________________
    7. He walked so quickly that i couldn't keep up with him.
    ~> So ___________________________
    8. Nobody has used this machine for months.
    ~> This machine ______________
    9. I started learning English four years ago.
    ~> I have_______________
    10. Without your help, it would have been impossible for me to overcome my difficulties.
    ~> If you _______________________.
    11. There is great danger in driving too fast.
    ~> Driving too fast is _____________
    12. Air travel is faster than any other kind of transport.
    ~> Air travel is the _____________________
    13. If you are a student, you can always get special reduced prices.
    ~> Unless you are a student, _______________________
    14. The journey is too long for you to make alone.
    ~> It's too ____________________
    15. I've never heard of such a strange animal.
    ~> Never ________________________
    16. She looked so ridiculous that everybody burst out laughing.
    ~> So ridiculous __________________
    17. An enormous frog sat on the grass.
    ~> On the grass _____________________________
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  2. mrs.english

    mrs.english Guest

    Mình làm thử nhé :)
    Phần 1:

    Phần 2:
    1.I'm not very good at cooking
    2.Mary is looking forward to meeting her new friends
    3.It hasn't paid
    4.I'm not used to driving on the left
    5.Not knowing Patrick's home number,John telephoned him at word
    6.The telephone is said that to be invented by Graham Bell
    7.So quickly he walked that I couldn't keep up with him
    8.This machine haven't been used for months
    9.I have learnt English for 4 years
    10.If you hadn't helped me,I would have been impossible overcome my difficulties
    11.Driving too fast is greatly dangerous
    12.Air travel is the fastest transport
    13.Unless you are a student,you can't always get special reduced prices.
    14.It's too long for you to make the journey alone
    15.Never I heard of such a strange animal
    16.So ridiculous she looked that everybody burst out laughing
    17.On the grass an enormous frog sat.
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  3. 1. in 2. in 3. on 4. at 5. as hoặc like
    6. on
    7. by 8.on 10. in

    1. I'm not very good at cooking
    2. Mảy is looking 4ward 2 meeting her new friends.
    3.It hasn't been paid.
    4. I'm not used to driving on the left.
    5. Not knowing Pattrick's home telephone number, John phoned him at work.
    6. The telephone is said 2 b' invented by Graham Bell.
    7. So quickly he walk that I can't keep up with him.
    8. This machine hasn't been used for months
    9. I have learnt English for years. (tự chỉnh đề lun)
    10. If you didn't help, I wouldn't be able to overcome my dificulties.
    11. Driving too fast is dangerous.
    12. Air travel is the fastest transport(kind of transport).
    13. Unless you ain't a stundent, You can't ...
    14. It's too long for me to make alone on the journey.
    15. Never have I heard of such a strange animal.
    16. So ridiculous she looked (was) that everi'1 burst out laughing.
    17. On the grass, sat an ( the) enormous frog.