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    Should students do volunteer work?
    Giúp em với ạ!!!
    Nguyễn Phan Ánh Nguyệt thích bài này.
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    THCS Phổ Ninh

    Bạn tham khảo một số gợi ý sau để viết thành bài nha:
    Volunteering is good, it is useful for society. But is modern-day “volunteer” slowly degenerating?
    Looking back at the volunteer movements that are expanding in all parts of the world, especially those that come from student organizations, we really have to ask the question: Student volunteering – should it be good? are not?
    • What is volunteering?
    Volunteering can simply be understood as meaningful activities that have a positive impact on the community and society and are completely voluntary.
    What are the benefits of volunteering for students?
    • Helping people get closer together
    Going to volunteer work, they leave technology devices and meet, work, and live with people who share the same ideals and goals. Surely we will find friends to share and develop together.
    • Gain an understanding of the outside society
    The study environment at the University teaches us many things, but it does not teach us all about the outside society. Joining volunteering, going out into the world, we will realize that our own vision is still limited. Every time we volunteer, our worldview opens up once more.
    • Help young people open their hearts
    Volunteering makes our hearts to be good and full of love. Just a smile, a sincere thank you also makes us feel so happy. We suddenly realize that happiness is not simply a life full of material things, but sometimes it is just a warm giving and sharing in the midst of a life that still has many difficulties.
    • Open to students many opportunities in the future
    Recruiters of the new generation, they not only focus on a person's expertise but also focus on skills, side activities. Active volunteering is a great plus for your CV among thousands of other applicants.
    The flip side of the student volunteer movement?

    Just like a paper has two sides, we cannot deny that there are still many negative points in student volunteering.
    • Volunteering is becoming a "fashion"?
    With the number of students participating in a massive way as well as the continuous appearance of volunteer programs throughout the year, many people think that volunteering seems to be a "fashion" of young people. members just want to participate in activities to… for equals friends.
    • Many small, spontaneous volunteer organizations
    Organizing a volunteer group is not difficult, because an individual can also do this. However, because of their spontaneity, such organizations often do not have strict regulations or clear goals, which easily leads to the result that the activities are only inspired, with no good results.
    • Can no longer keep the inherent good meanings
    Volunteering is originally meant to help and build community, but these good meanings seem to have gradually disappeared in student volunteering. Many young people only know how to measure, calculate, choose an "easy to volunteer" place instead of choosing a place that needs help because they are afraid of difficulties and suffering. Some of you even think that volunteering is "going out" to release scandal or to get plus points, so just show up and do nothing.
    • Volunteering becomes a tool for profiteering
    Volunteering in the eyes of many people has really become ugly, because it has become a tool for many people with bad intentions to take advantage of. For example, it can be mentioned as the case of the "Exam season support" program to help students in the university exam, many students who participated did not have time to contribute how much, they rushed to sell the problem to earn money.
    So, should students still volunteer?
    Volunteer blue shirt is a very beautiful and precious tradition of Vietnamese students. It needs to be promoted and preserved. Looking at the negative sides of volunteering today, we can completely apply propaganda and education measures as well as organize knowledge and experience sharing sessions to a wide range of students. pellets. At the same time, schools and major youth-student organizations in all regions need to have certain rules for volunteering movements in order to minimize risks and negativity in volunteering.

    So, young people, don't hesitate to do good work, but do it with a cool head and bring real benefits to the community.
    Học tốt!
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