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    write an essay about advantages and disadvantages of living in a nuclear family
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    A nuclear family is a family that has a mother, father, and children living together.
    A single-parent family has a mother with children or father with children, but not both.
    An extended family has other people besides the above groups, such as grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles, etc. This is common in many parts of the world, but is less common in cultures like the USA, where nuclear families are most common.
    The advantage of the nuclear family is that in areas where this is the most common type, it is most widely accepted and least likely to be looked at with prejudice. Another advantage is that a mother and father can share the work of parenting, and kids are raised with both a mother figure and father figure. This is also traditionally thought to be the most stable family type, though modern sociologists dispute this. Lastly, this is also a cost-effective form of family, as it has two primary money-earners who provide for children.
    The extended family can have advantage over the nuclear family because there are more caretakers involved and children have a larger group of people to live with and learn from. It can be at a disadvantage if its large size leads to it being disorganized, leads to fighting, or leads to financial difficulties.
    A single-parent family can have an advantage over the nuclear family if the nuclear family is not stable. For instance, if there is a lot of fighting, the children may benefit more from the parents being physically separated than trying to make a failing marriage work. The primary disadvantages are that the single parent has to do the work of two parents, so it is easier for them to get burned out, and money is often a bigger issue. Also, the kids do not have a mother or father figure depending on which parent is absent. For this reason, the single parent family used to be looked down upon, though nowadays a lot of sociologists are saying that whether a family is loving is much more important than whether the family is nuclear or not.
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