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    Annie Stewart has been a keeper at Woburn Animal Kingdom for the past twelve years, and for eight years before that she worked at another safari park. It's hard physical work, out in all weathers — animals have to be fed and looked after every day of the year.
    «My working day normally begins at 8 a.m., but if an animal is sick I may have to be up all night with it. Week-ends and bank holidays are our busiest times while we're open to visitors between March and October. I begin by loading feeds onto my car, then I drive to the eland (a type of larger antelope). I feed and check them. Then I go through a similar process with the giraffe and the hippo.
    We always have to take special care in our dealings with the rhino — remember that they are dangerous wild animals. They have to be watched all the time in case something upsets them. And the eland can be especially unpredictable when the strangers are around. They only trust two of us to go near them, so if there are any problems with them on my day off I might easily be called in. During the season when we're open to the public, it's part of the keepers' job to patrol the park watching the public as much as the animals. People can be amazingly silly, ignoring signs and warnings. They seem to have no idea of the possible danger. Some get out of their cars to take photographs when they are frighteningly close to an animal that could kill them in an instant. We have to try and be diplomatic and maintain a sense of humour. I get to know all the animals in my care individually. I fill in a daily diary and a weekly report, making a note of any changes of behaviour. This is a job that requires dedication and hard work. I was first attracted to it when I saw a documentary about this place 20 years ago. I had experience of looking after dogs in boarding kennels, and I was fascinated by the safari park concept. So I wrote to them and was lucky enough to get a job, learning as I went along. It's like a wild animal farm here — the animals have plenty of freedom and I enjoy the independence and responsibility which are central to my job».
    1) What is Annie's job?
    A. A zoo keeper
    B. A patrolman
    C. A guard
    D. An animal trainer
    2) Annie's daily work is ____
    A. feeding the animals
    B. making sure that the visitors are not in danger when the park is open
    C. checking whether the animals are injured or ill
    D. All of them are correct
    3) How many kind of animals are mentioned in the passage?
    A. One
    B. Two
    C. Three
    D. None
    4) Which information is not given in the passage?
    A. Annie has to be work if necessary even on holidays or at weekends
    B. One part of Annie's job is showing visitors where to visit and what to see at Woburn Animal Kingdom
    C. Annie applied for this job because he loved it
    D. It's hard work because Annie has to work outside in all weathers
    5) It can be inferred from the above passage that ____
    A. Woburn Animal Kingdom is the name of Longleaf Safari Park
    B. Longleaf Safari Park is open to tourists all the year round
    C. Annie is satisfied with his job at Woburn Animal Kingdom
    D. Annie with the other employees takes care of the rhino there
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    3.C(Mình nghĩ ở đây là Four:rhino,giraffe,hippo,eland nhưng đề cho có 3 nên mình khoang C)
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