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TMod Anh (nghỉ phép dài hạn)
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10 Tháng mười hai 2018
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THCS Phổ Ninh
Dựa vào những gợi ý trang 33 SGK tiếng anh tập 2 và nói về lễ hội Cheese rolling
Ex 1:
In spring each year on the top of the Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester England, people from all over the world gather to take part in the famous seasonal festival called “Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling”The aim of the competition is to see who will be first to catch the cheese. It also brings joy and honor to participants. The hunk of cheese rolls down the steep hill. Participants chase after and try to catch the cheese, normally the winner catches it after he/she crosses the finish-line at the bottom of the hill because the cheese travels very fast. The prize is the cheese of course. The event is very dangerous because participants could fall over and get injured, so consider it carefully before getting in the event.
Ex 2: Cheese roll festival is an in the following festival "crazy" in the world and anyone who participates cannot forget. The festival dates back to the 15th century and takes place annually on Cooper Hill (UK) on Bank Holiday spring (the last Monday of May). The form of the festival is a variation from the ritual of releasing objects rolling down from the top of the hill such as burning bushes, candies to welcome the new year and praying for good crops since ancient times. Each piece of cheese rolled down the mountain is wrapped in wooden shell, decorated with a giant circular ribbon and dropped to the bottom of the steep hill, the player chasing the cheese will be the winner. But many times, the local police warned the festival organizers because of the noise caused by the participants but failed, the festival is still held every year. In addition to the danger of the collision, the participants also found it difficult to avoid other fatal accidents when rolling down from the slope such as fractures, spinal vertebrae, ... Police in the UK used to want to ban work. The event was organized but the participants declined and continued to host it on May 28 of each year.
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