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    Water pollution/causes:/Effects:
    Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water
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    Water pollution is the phenomenon of water bodies (rivers, lakes, seas, groundwater ...) contaminated by human activities and the natural environment with toxic substances such as those contained in protective drugs. plants, untreated waste ...
    • 1. From people
    Every day, there is a large amount of domestic waste in the process of daily life and human hygiene discharged from households, hospitals, hotels, schools and schools without being treated. The basic components of domestic wastewater are organic substances that are easily biodegradable (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nutrients, solids). Depending on the standard of living and lifestyle, the amount of wastewater as well as the amount of substances in the wastewater of each person in a day is different. In general, the higher the standard of living, the higher the amount of wastewater and the discharge load. Hence the disease has the conditions to spread and pollute the environment.
    • 2. Agricultural production pollutes the water environment
    Agricultural activities such as animal husbandry (animal urine, unprocessed food waste) and other agricultural activities (pesticides, fertilizers from rice fields, melons, orchards, vegetables contain toxic chemicals) can contaminate groundwater and surface water.
    During agricultural production, the majority of farmers used pesticides three times the recommended dosage. Not only that, farmers also use banned pesticides such as Thiodol, Monitor ... In the process of fertilizing, spraying, farmers are not equipped with labor protection equipment.
    Currently, the use of chemical fertilizers and plant protection chemicals is rampant in agriculture, making the water source also affected. Residual chemicals will seep into the aquifers, affecting the amount of water.
    Most farmers do not have storage facilities to store medicines, when buying unused medicines, they are stored everywhere, including near cafeterias, near domestic water sources. Most of pesticide bottles, after being used, are thrown right to the field, the rest is collected to sell scrap.
    • 3. From industrial production
    Wastes, wastewater, from industrial production activities, due to the increasing speed of urbanization and industrialization, industrial zones were established, thus the amount of waste and wastewater from activities. Industry is more and more and not treated properly, discharging directly to the environment or rivers, water sources affecting the current water quality.
    • 4. Water pollution from medical waste
    Medical wastes from laboratories, surgery or food washing facilities ... always carry countless pathogens and viruses that negatively affect human health.
    If these types of waste are not treated but released into the environment, the viruses will spread quickly to the environment and directly affect the water source and human health.
    • 5. Water pollution due to urbanization
    At present, the speed of urbanization and industrialization is developing very rapidly, leading to the formation and development of industrial zones to meet the necessary human needs. In industrial zones, or factories that discharge thousands of cubic meters of water into the environment every day without treatment, water sources in these areas are heavily polluted, adversely affecting health and quality. life.
    Most dangerous of all, the alarming situation is that cancer is appearing more and more around industrial zones.
    • Natural causes pollute the water environment
    1. Any phenomenon that reduces water quality is considered a cause of water pollution.
    2. Water pollution caused by rain, melting snow, floods ... or by products from living activities of living organisms, not including their corpses.
    3. Plants, organisms die, they are broken down by microorganisms into organic matter. A part will soak into the ground, then it will soak deep into groundwater, cause pollution, or follow groundwater flows into large currents.
    4. Flooding can cause water to lose its purity, stir up dirt and scale in the sewer system, carry a lot of hazardous waste from the dumping site, and take in chemicals previously stored. .
    5. Prolonged flooding can be more polluted due to chemicals used in agriculture, industrial waste, ... Water pollution caused by natural factors (volcanoes, storms, floods, erosion ... ) can be very serious.
    6. The deterioration of water quality may be due to the geological characteristics of the water source, for example, water on alum soil often contains a lot of iron, aluminum, water taken from the ground often contains a lot of calcium ...
    Along with the process of water pollution, seriously affects the health and daily life of people. The rate of people suffering from water-related diseases is increasing.
    According to studies, some heavy metals in water such as arsenic, lead, copper ... are the direct causes of cancer, nervous system and cardiovascular diseases. According to the latest reports, Vietnam is one of the countries with high rates of people suffering from cancer-related diseases and concentrates in urban fringes and industrial zones.
    For medical waste, domestic waste contains a lot of harmful microorganisms and parasites that cause diseases of the skin and digestive tract such as scabies, skin fungus, cholera, typhoid, polio ...
    In addition, with organic chemicals, pesticides present in polluted water when entering the body cause poisoning or even death.
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