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    English THCS Next December, they ____ for twenty years.

    A. will have been married nha Hành động xảy ra tại 1 thời điểm xác định trong QK kéo dài đến TL
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    Tin học phụ mình 3 câu trắc nghiệm với ạ

    1.d 2. d 3.c Chúc bạn học tốt !
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    Toán 8 Hệ số bất định

    Ta có: x^2-4=(x-2)(x+2) Áp dụng định lý Bezout => 2^4+2a+b=0 và 16-2a+b=0 <=>32+2b=0 <=>b=-16 a=0
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    English THPT [THPT] Từ Vựng Nâng Cao

    Question 110: I do not believe that John will get here on time. He is always late and the________ does not change its spots. A. tiger B. lion C. leopard D. zebra The leopard doesn't change its spots Question 111: For a short while, I managed to catch ___________ of the President entering the...
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    English THPT [THPT] Từ Vựng Nâng Cao

    Question 102: Beaches were___________as police searched for canisters of toxic waste from the damaged ship. A. sealed off B. cut off C. washed up D. kept out Question 103: The fall of the dictatorship of Miguel Primode Riverra____________the establishment of the Second Spanish Republic.' A...
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    English THPT [THPT] Từ Vựng Nâng Cao

    Question 96. The old houses were ______ down to make way for a block of flats. A. banged B. hit C. knocked D. put Question 97. Governments should ___________ international laws against terrorism. A. bring up B. bring about C. bring in D. bring back
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