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  1. nhuhong_sutu

    choose the best answer+explain

    1. It has never ... my mind that Jane might be a notorious liar (passed/ entered/ crossed/ reached) 2. It's obvious each of us would like to have their ... in such an important question as the company being taken (talk / word/ claim/ say) 3.the paintings are hung on heavy gold ... (easels/...
  2. nhuhong_sutu

    choose the best answer+explain

    1. I ... have lots of free time before I started working here (do / had to/ used to/ should) 2. the fact that he wasn't prepared for his interview well enough ... obvious (is/ are/ was/ were) 3.read the sign, please. It says "English ... here" ( speaking/ spoken/ should speak/ must speak)...
  3. nhuhong_sutu

    sửa lỗi sai

    1. Recently, there has been a lot of debate about students have to pay their own fees at university 2. Some people are afraid that poorer students will not be received enough financial help and will be discouraged from going on to higher education
  4. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ chữa lỗi sai + giải thích

    1. he has failed to remember even the basic grammar points. As it was, he will offer his chance of winning a place at university to some 2. The captain accused me that I neglected my duties, which made me very angry 3.It's not surprising that the pilot didn't survive through the crash. He...
  5. nhuhong_sutu

    choose the best answer

    1. "Yes, I sent it to the ... account " (own/ very/ main/ just ) 2.When you buy something, .... you don't throw away your receipt (remember/ make sure/ making sure/ quite sure) 3.It's ... unlikely that they will want to live in the city- they're country lovers ( highly/ totally/ completely/...
  6. nhuhong_sutu

    Tìm lỗi sai và sửa

    1.My younger brother, a naughty boy, doesn't like telling what to do and where to go 2 .preserving natural resources mean keeping them for the future generations 3. he must have asleep because there was no light in his room when I came
  7. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ choose the best answer

    1.Let's go to the ... of the discussion to save time (core/ centre / point/ importance) (dịch giùm mk) 2.Put things in ... to make the problem easier to understand (details/ chart/ section/ categories)
  8. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ phrasal verb

    complete the sentences with a suitable form of each phrasel verb: count against , put about , rake over , tip off 1.There is no point in continually .... past relationships 2.he (it) ... that he was thinking of leaving the company and, as a result, he received several offers from rival...
  9. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ form of the word

    1.My only ... is that we might not have enough time to do the job properly (give) 2.a ... learner is less likely to retain the content of the lesson than one who is enthusiastic about his or her learning ( motive)
  10. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ choose the best answer

    1. you can test this working style by .... it to your own company (doing/ applying/ using/ working) 2.researcher are working ... a new solar energy project (to/ at/ on/with)
  11. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ lỗi sai và sửa (giải thích)

    1. Many developing countries are facing economy problems because the demand for their exports is falling
  12. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ condition

    1. if we .....(not catch) in the rain, we .... (go) to the performance on time 2.she ....(hear) the news if she ....(turn) on the radio this afternoon 3.if we .... (not,have) to work tonight, we ......(attend) the party
  13. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ form of the word

    1. my sister is very .. about which shoes to wear with which dress (choice) 2. Many people in the area want to ... their house against fire but it is too expensive (insurance) 3. the company still has ... for salespeople. Do you want to apply? (vacant)
  14. nhuhong_sutu

    choose the best answer

    c dịch giúp t c4
  15. nhuhong_sutu

    choose the best answer

    1.China's best and brightest would bring the high-tech benefits of the west back home to ... china's modernization (fuel/ expect/ cause/ cherish) 2.A good director is ... for a successful film (disposable/ dispensable/ indispensable/ distinguishable) 3.called Weathalert, the ' telex' receiver...
  16. nhuhong_sutu

    choose the best answer

    1.we advertised three jobs and over 50 people ... (applied/ asked/ required/ decided? 2.students have a ... between studying French or German (decision/ choice/ preference/ requirement?
  17. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ lỗi sai và sửa

    1. (not) all films are (done) to tell stories (or) to be (shown) in theatres
  18. nhuhong_sutu

    Ngoại ngữ rewrite

    1.there aren't many people who have read this novel to the end,but john is one of them (few) -> John is .............................. who have read this novel to the end
  19. nhuhong_sutu

    form of the word

    1.the (electric) .... of agriculture is very necessary for all developing countries 2. we all don't admire him because he is an (opportunity) ... 3.Too much use of (insect) .... can do harm to people's health
  20. nhuhong_sutu

    choose the best answer

    1. Alex went through all the ... to see which university he fancied (leaflets / booklets / brochures/ prospectuses) 2.After Mary's accident and her subsequent in court, she was... from driving for a year ( dispossessed/ forfeited/ disqualified/ invalidated)
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