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    Ngoại ngữ Hoàn thành câu

    1. not sign/ parcel/ until/ you/ check/ everything/ be/ there 2. The/ long/ Hoa/ wait/ impatient/ she/be 3.Alen's amazement/ passport office/ close/ when/ he/ arrive 4. Harry/ get/ parents' permission/ buy/ moterbike 5. shop/ which/ I telephoning/ be/ noisy/ that/ not hear/person/ other and/ line
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    https://diendan.hocmai.vn/threads/chia-dang-dung-cua-tu.646070/ giúp mình với

    https://diendan.hocmai.vn/threads/chia-dang-dung-cua-tu.646070/ giúp mình với
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    Ngoại ngữ chia dạng đúng của từ

    1. He received a medal for his _____ (hero) 2.They are going to ____ the town with more trees and parks. (beauty) 3. Vietnam's also one of the world's leading ____ of rice ( produce)
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    Ngoại ngữ give the correct form of the verb to fit each gap

    câu đấy đúng đề rồi bạn nhé
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    - ơ sao lại thế

    - ơ sao lại thế
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    https://diendan.hocmai.vn/threads/give-the-correct-form-of-the-verb-to-fit-each-gap.645656/ làm...

    https://diendan.hocmai.vn/threads/give-the-correct-form-of-the-verb-to-fit-each-gap.645656/ làm giúp em với ạ
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    Ngoại ngữ give the correct form of the verb to fit each gap

    a. It is he or I who (1-be) ____ to go. b. She's alive. She (2-drown) ____ but that handsome young man (3-dive) ___ and (4-save) ___ her, just in time c.We(5-have) ____ a lot of rain this time of the year, so whenever we (6-go) ___ out, we often (7-bring) __ along our raincoats d. We must...
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    Ngoại ngữ The relative clauses

    1. We had a river to swim in. 2. The child would be happier if he had someone to play with. 3. I have some letters to write. 4. If she had a family to cook for, she would be more interested. 5. I haven't anyone to go with.
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    Ngoại ngữ [Lớp 10] Đề anh

    I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: (1M) 1. A. plays B. reads C. listens D. stops 2. A. traveled B. stared C. landed D. seemed 3. A. chemistry B. prepare C. receive D. degree 4. A. miss B. little C. child D. listen i II. Choose the best answer...
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    Ngoại ngữ Chia động từ trong ngoặc

    1. I want you to apologize ( apologize) for your bad behavior 2. You had better go (go) home 3.The general ordered his soldiers to attack (attack) the town 4. Excuse me for making you write (write) these silly sentences 5. I disapprove of your watching (you,watch) TV every night 6. Woody Allen...
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    Ngoại ngữ Chia động từ

    1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.B 8.A
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    Ngoại ngữ Bài tập tiếng Anh

    - đây là kiến thức và bài tập tổng hợp nhé bạn VERB FORM I. Bare infinitive: (bare) động từ nguyên mẫu không To 1. Sau modal verbs: Will. Shall/ should / could/ can / may / must/ might/ had better/would rather and why not..........? 2. Sau auxilary verbs: do, does, did. 3. Sau make, let...
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    Ngoại ngữ Cách chia động từ

    Các từ như two-thirds ảnh hưởng tới động từ phía sau bạn nhé. Động từ chia ở số nhiều hay số ít đều dựa theo nó VD câu này The two-thirds of the city were destroyed in the fire. - câu này không chia theo từ two-thirds có nghĩa là 2/3 của thành phố bị phá hủy trong lửa - động từ ở đây chia theo...
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    Ngoại ngữ Anh 9

    1. Please.....believe.....my offer and call me if you decide to sell 2. I have been...consider.....of taking a holiday. I....rhink....I deserve it because I've worked hard all year 3. The death penalty is.....regarded /considered...as barbaric practice by most people. 4. I don't..think...he...
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    Ngoại ngữ Chuyển sang câu bị động

    đây nhé: => This room hasn't been used for ages. ❤❤❤
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    Ngoại ngữ writing

    It was a beautiful day. My friends and I went on a picnic. We took a bus to the countryside and walked 20 minutes to go to the picnicsite near the river. We put down our blankets and laid out our food. After meal, we played games called " What song is it' and blind's man bluff. Late in the...
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    Tiếng việt 4

    Cả đời tôi chỉ mong ước sao được vậy thôi
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    ____ reference ____ your recent letter, we regret to learn that the goods arrived in damaged...

    ____ reference ____ your recent letter, we regret to learn that the goods arrived in damaged condition thì dùng giới từ nâò
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