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Thảo luận trong 'Rèn luyện kỹ năng Viết' bắt đầu bởi silly_girl, 13 Tháng tám 2009.


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  1. silly_girl

    silly_girl Guest

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    Hi mọi người... Em có 1 cái đề Tiếng Anh nói là: hãy miêu tả về ngôi nhà của bạn... Nghe thì dễ nhưng mà làm mới thấy bí... Mọi người giúp em nha, em thanks trước..

  2. Mình ko giỏi tiếng Anh nhưng vẫn cố thử xem^^

    One day winter months chạp, open eyes to see is the memory, the memory-free man in every skin type in meat. On last year from the Deleting with and add steps to the home peace in the foot hills, that's all.

    Homes low hills of the Te hide after his tàn xum remove trees, the seasons change is a tree stand or exacerbates soaked. No where to go to see someone like trees as the. Like father in all of the trees, as long as it is green with flowers or fruits are what. Mother or prompt "to the trees, I no longer about land in green vegetables, trees and what he planted." Mother lived simply, the mother of garden plants do not need anything, I just have all of the vegetable garden, the trees like the secret garden, the shelf but certain to have a land to create vegetable. " Specific parent, but in summer, when fruits triu branches, the garden without any of the selected first for food not to lose it is strange. Hì late mother, with some showing her neighbors husband I love him planting, any trees through hands and also live green. Including several times he exclude trees removed on growing, and also spots of flowers left. Thim what her neighbors also end hi. Home the hills so green for long, ngut end. Also do not understand his father much, only to say that green is ngọn source of life, see green trees, the leaves found life more quietly.

    Home the hills in winter are quite good morning to carry the bed, only when it is found that the fire light up the kitchen that rộn. Mom always the most up early, cooking pot to cám for four of the pigs all day gác mom. The concentration duom kitchen cooking fire from dry wood branches quickly exclude mother in the garden or trees on the hills to flow up in the rainy season storms. Light corn Bùng fire dance xua tan go quite cold. Mother seated the kitchen ruddy face, warm risk missing the morning monsoon spills on the North East. Mình bén hơi the kitchen very long way, every parent lục đục This is seen thằng street dò follows, only to quickly fire up the fire, to sit riet am at the new computer calendar to wash up. The nose on your face đấy ne toe well as heat by sitting in many kitchen. But most interesting is that my potatoes, cassava my mother "accidentally" forget to line, the rules as to what type of gore you also hì respectively by the kitchen in which to find it. Sometimes the mother must be suffering from nướng of the first to Beat the rough lower than the kitchen. Mother seated the kitchen deceiving the pieces of small dry wood, the fire dịu want, but the hours are not seen again, from the winter cold is more, especially early in the morning.

    Home the hills have evening dew table lảng smoke, smoke from kitchen nóc by the dew spread the cosmic contract, a fuzzy white, just as the sky down closer and then fall away, I gradually. Afternoon is fuzzy white, remember the smell of smoke concentration concentration thatch, as well as many corner hot car.

    The house on the hill Tết homey kitchen than as a commission. Parent is selected, soaked rice from early, to sit gill Lat giang new bound at last. Two brothers gore hì cleaning house, quyet đám leaves the garden, sometimes elsewhere in the village Expection a fireworks thét assessment, has been growing plants before flowering as a joy quietly. Spring for John gently on the infected limb dew drops that he mai time to time the wind soon perfumed by lemon bloom just last night, the smell is ngai his smell of burning incense trầm new. Not need a say when sunny spring flow to the house, spring cavalier take walk to the garden was still sleeping through the winter, found on all the cool birds footprint ...
  3. quynhan92

    quynhan92 Guest

    Tiếng anh!****************************????????
    Ạch, hic, sr vì spam, nhưng định giúp bn, đề lại là E thì chịu, thui, chúc may mắn vậy!

  4. chời post từ đâu ra mà dài thế bn congaigiaitoan.....
    nhung hay lắm

  5. Pạn nên làm trứơc bằng tiếng Việt rồi dịch lại sang tiếng Anh, chịu khó vác lên đây cho mọi ngừơi chữa lỗi và check bài giúp cho. Như vậy sẽ tốt hơn, vì như vậy bn sẽ nắm rõ đựơc nội dung bài và ý của mình muốn nói, chứ bài của pé cogaigiaitoan... hay thì hay thật đó, nhưng dài và trình hơi cao.