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Cũ 11-02-2012
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Cool viet luan anh van giup minh nhe

Write about advantages and disavantages of television.
Giúp mình nhé thanks các bạn nhiều.
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Cũ 11-02-2012
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Advantages of Television:

1. The first and the foremost is that Television is the greatest source of information easily available just at a click of a button. With every passing day, there is addition in the number of informative, educational channels and improvement in projecting existing information with various audio-visual tools. This makes it most interesting for almost all the audience from a kid to the oldest. Channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, History etc provides you with not only current but old information with equal ease. This opens up the analytical mind of the children whereas stimulates the same in older ones. The news channels gives you latest updates with enormous clarity.
2. Another important advantage of television is with the news channels. You are kept updated on whatever is happening in your surroundings with absolute clarity and transparency. The news are instantaneous and timely and can help in your decision making about your financial activity or travel arrangements etc. Also it can give advisories in terms of some wrong practices being followed in your neighbourhood. You can keep yourself up-to-date always.

3. Watching Television in your comfort can be refreshing as well as a favourite pastime. Your spare time can be interestingly used. There are lots of channels which can provides you great opportunities towards fulfilling your hobbies. This can become more interesting when you can grow your hobbies with lot of tools and gadgets with Television.

4. Television gives you enough exposure which you may not get otherwise. For kids, lots of channels provide good learning tools to know every walk of life. Even for elders, lots of scenarios with various alternatives can be experienced, which may change your perception.

Disadvantages of Television:

1. Lack of proper monitoring for the content makes it easier to show anything and everything on television. Some of the contents containing violence, sex and other inappropriate material, which should not be shown, get almost equal importance. This may become at times harmful for the society.

2. Easy accessibility of unnecessary information to the audience not intended to. Like if adequate parental monitoring is not there, it becomes extremely easy for children to get swayed away with ill ideas shown in various TV channels. Similarly youths may also get diverted from doing their actual duty of studying because of enough attractive and useless television channels.

3. The Television watching may restrict children as well as others from indulging in outdoor physical activities which are a must for healthy life.

4. Inappropriate eating habits. Most of the people eat, drink while watching television. This can be harmful. You eat without realising overeating while watching television. This may lead to obesity or other related diseases.

5. The advertising commercials may change your perception. The products may be exaggerated from the actuals. You may get fooled by inappropriate advertising.

In spite of these disadvantages, Television is a great resource which has virtually shrunk the world on fingertips. But we need to make conscious television viewing a habit.
Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.
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